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360° EMS Trainer

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Our 360° EMS Trainer Set is the perfect companion on the way to your dream figure.

It enables highly efficient EMS training to build muscles on the abdomen, legs, buttocks and arms. Compared to conventional training methods, our body trainer uses electro-stimulation, which accelerates muscle growth and burns fat in a more targeted manner. Thus, your workout at home or in the gym is much more effective without having to exert yourself more or train longer. The application is foolproof and the EMS pads stick reliably to your skin despite sweating and movement.


  1. Remove the EMS Pads from the protective foil and apply them to your abdomen, legs, buttocks or arms.
  2. Attach the controller to the EMS Pad using the buttons.
  3. By the way, the controllers can be recharged via USB - just use the included cable.
  4. Switch on our EMS Bodytrainer
  5. Set the intensity with "ON" and "OFF" and the desired mode with "PROGRAM
  6. Work out a different muscle group than the one the pad is attached to for about 20-30 minutes (the workout will be as effective as an hour at the gym)


  • Faster muscle building
  • Faster fat burning
  • More effective workout (also at home)
  • Visible results after a short time
  • Shortens the workout
  • For abdomen, legs, buttocks and arms

Delivery contents:

1x EMS Pad's (depending on the variant).
Adhesive pads
1x controller
1x USB cable

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Over 90.000 satisfied customers