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360° Football Trainer

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If you want to become an elite player, you need to train like one!

"The #1 success factor for playing at the next level is the dedication to train consistently in addition to practice. And that training must be game-like."

- Lionel Messi

During lockdown, it's best to practice alone. Our 360° Soccer Coach is the best solution for you and your always-active kids. You don't need a training partner anymore!

✅ Keep your kids busy!

✅ Keep them happy!

✅ Watch them improve every day!

What separates the best soccer players from the average?

The number of times they touch the ball and the time they spend training. With this 360° soccer trainer, you've never been closer to your soccer kids' dreams.

Take your game to the next level!

✅ NO NEED FOR A TRAINING PARTNER - During the off season, it's best to practice alone. Our 360° soccer coach is the best solution for your always-on kids.

 100% BALL CONTROL - The string creates a strong rebound that is perfect for practicing receiving and ball control. The 360° Soccer Trainer will take your practice sessions to the next level.

✅ REACTION TRAINING - You'll need to react quickly, which is key to performance in today's fast-paced football.

✅ PASSPRAINING - You can pass in any direction and height you want. This is the kind of realistic training you need.


✅ FORGET CHASING FOR THE BALL - Stop wasting time chasing the ball. Increase your reps and the effectiveness of your workouts.

See a customer review here:

"I bought 2 for my sons and the results are incredible! Within just 7 days of receiving them, I don't hear from them all day! They spend hours every day playing alone in the backyard using this solo trainer."

- Nancy, 48, mother of 2 children

What can you expect

  • Your child will receive training of the elite kind
  • Increased training efficiency
  • Master ball control
  • Perfected passing techniques

    How it works

    Step 1 - Pass one side of the Velcro through the hole in the fixed buckle.
    Step 2 - Pass the other side of the Velcro through another hole.
    Step 3 - Pull both sides of the Velcro and place them in the correct position.
    Step 4 - Fasten the Velcro and start training.

    "Prove everyone wrong. It's time to show that you can be the best player on the field."

    Product Features

    • High quality and durable materials that will provide you with long lasting durability
    • Kinetic cord (2.5m) with a stretch length up to 5.5m
    • Ball glove made of neoprene, suitable for all ball sizes
    • Waistband with velcro and clip to fit athletes of most sizes
    • Hand free trainer, which gives you great mobility

    Included in delivery

    • Adjustable cord
    • Waistband
    • Ball Glove


      Founders. - WE FOR YOU!

      Are you looking for a fitness brand with a background story?

      Then you are exactly right with us!

      We, Steffen and Niklas, have become one of the leading brands in the field of healthy and low-risk sports by convincing with great quality and strong support!

      This is exactly what drives 360GradFitness.

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      Do something good for your body

      We want to inspire you for the sport and that in no matter what life situation or life situation. We have tuned our products to the medical background, the optimal function for healthy and safe sports.

      You are in the best company

      We are proud that we could inspire more than 90.000 customers with our products.

      Become part of the 360GRAD FITNESS family now.

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      Free Shipping

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      Over 90.000 satisfied customers