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360° MediPull by Casada

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This product is the result of a collaboration with Casada Deutschland GmbH.

Together we have developed a range of products to combine the best possible research results with high quality.


MediPull - Everything at a glance

  • Fitness equipment with built-in cable pull
  • 3 resistance levels - up to 7.5 kg
  • Rope length of almost 2 meters
  • Padded handles
  • Suction pump with safety device

The 360° MediPull by Casada offers you a well-balanced workout that is ideal for both at home and on the go.

This novel, small fitness miracle offers numerous workout options with which you can train your upper and lower body equally.

Thanks to the built-in cable pulley, which is located in the MediPull and can be regulated by three different resistance levels, you get such a great variety of exercises.

This allows you to adjust your respective fitness level and ensures that you can individualize all exercises.


  • Strengthening endurance and mobility
  • Improvement of strength, mobility and flexibility
  • Increased fat burning
  • Increased muscle activity
  • Toning of all body groups
This allows you to train targeted areas of the body, increase muscle activity and calorie consumption, and strengthen strength, mobility, and endurance.

It is unbelievable what results can be achieved by regular training with the MediPull - the fitness miracle for home.


It does not take much effort to attach the MediPull. The prerequisite is that the training is performed near a smooth surface.

By suction pump, the MediPull is attached to the surface and has a safety device for reinforced hold.

Once you're done attaching it, all you have to do is set the pull force.

You can choose between 2.5 kg, 5 kg or 7.5 kg of resistance.

Once you have found your training style, continuous training with the MediPull can lead to many great results.

Technical data
Pulling force:

Rope length:
  Fitness equipment
130 x 120 x 275 mm
0,97 kg / total weight 1,29 kg
3 resistance levels
Level 1 - 2,5 kg
Level 2 - 5,0 kg
Level 3 - 7,5 kg
1,9 m


Scope of delivery:

- 1x Medipull

- Instruction manual

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